At beach in white bikini

We've recently received a nice picture of a very well looking girl at the beach. She is wearing a very sexy bikini but we want to see more, so we have to remove her clothes with photoshop.

At first we've started with the bikini top. We can't understand why she is not really doing topless, as she should be very proud of what she has.

Finally, we went one step further and discovered how she would look like if we meet her at a nudist beach.

Notice: Pictures in original resolution and without censuring bars were sent to the user doing the request.


  1. i just wanna know,how to do this....please...


      This is not fake. It works... ok. only really works if you have a pic with no bra and white shirt like in the video that pic is very easy to do, you can find it if you google braless no t shirt. also if you can see thru the shirt and see the nipples a tiny bit then try that it makes it better. I cant go thru swimsuits yet, but I want to know, this is all fake.

  2. how to do this???????????????plz reply....

  3. She is definitely the shaved type.. should be bare on the bottom. Her breast looks nice but the color is off a little. Not hating just saying.