At the cliff

Someone has sent us a picture of a babe posing with a guy at a cliff. Of course he was interested to see how the girl would look like without that yellow top, so we have used our photoshop to delete it.

Although the girl looked quite well with that top, we sure prefer her this way. Don't you?

Pictures in original resolution and without censuring bars were sent to the user doing the request.


  1. shoulda removed the guy aswell...

  2. too fake looking

  3. lmfao! this shit is fake as hell. there's no way to photoshop through a fucking bra. love how the bra that is pretty much flattening the nipples is making these fake nipples sooo damn erect! i guess if people want to get off to fake x-ray pictures then this is the place to come.

  4. hahahahhahah u are right dave...
    gud jobs on faking the pics, peoples..!