Showing her jewery

We've gotten this picture of a woman selling some jewery on a TV show, but although the necklace look very well on her, we would have been sure more interested on the program if she hadn't worn anything under the green coat.

No problem, as we can always use our photoshop to remove her clothes and see her without that white top. We really think she looks much more better, doesn't she?

Notice: Pictures in original resolution and without censuring bars were sent to the user doing the request.


  1. These are the wurst Photoshop works i have ever seen!Sorry,but the on the whole site there is 'nt a single picture that looks real.My advice:take some Photoshop lessons,delete everything on this site and start over again.

  2. I agree with the prev. anon this site is way tooo fake. all the work is really dodgy, but its a good idea. so just get better at using photoshop.